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The taste of Switzerland

Simmental Switzerland® – authentic Swiss cheese from the heart of the Bernese Oberland

In the Simmental at the foot of the Niesen, we transform high-quality milk from the mountains and valleys into products with an unmistakable character. We’re passionate about our high-quality products and their distinctive taste.

We want to get consumers and markets worldwide excited about our authentic foodstuffs. Operating from the most sustainable dairy in Switzerland, we distribute our products efficiently via well-considered sales structures and maximize the benefit to the 1,800 family agricultural businesses that supply us with milk.



Premium milk from happy cows, processed in the most sustainable mountain dairy in Switzerland. Swiss pastures provide the basis of the animal feed. Did you know that Switzerland has some of the strongest animal protection laws and that animal feed containing GMOs is illegal? 


Our cheese is produced from pure milk without artificial additives, according to traditional Swiss cheesemaking principles. It is then looked after in undisturbed conditions in our storage facility until it reaches optimal maturity.


After a short trip to the mountain dairy, our milk is transformed into a little piece of Switzerland. We use sustainable wood to produce heat energy. Simmental Switzerland creates attractive jobs in the mountain region, both directly and indirectly.




Rooted in Simmental, at home in the world

Local roots

Simmental Switzerland AG was founded in 2017 as a subsidiary of aaremilch ag. Around 1,800 participating family agricultural businesses from the canton of Bern support the project with their milk.

Innovative and fair

Our relationships with suppliers, partners and customers are characterized by openness and trust. We consistently orient ourselves with reference to the needs of today’s consumers and design our products and services accordingly. 

Our innovation isn't just restricted to our products: it also shapes our production, logistics and service processes. Our aim is to construct the best possible value creation chain between cow, milk producer and end consumer.




Mountain flavors

Our state-of-the-art mountain dairy is focused on the production of hard and semi-hard cheeses. Our lead product is Simmental Alpine cheese. The species-rich Simmental mountain pastures provide the unique basis for the milk that we use to produce cheese that makes you happy. 

Unfortunately, only a very limited quantity of this delicious cheese is available until production starts officially in 2019. Interested? Get in touch!


From flowery mountain pastures to hard cheese


Mild mountain cheese, produced from top-quality mountain milk,possesses outstanding cutting properties.

Swiss hard cheese, full fat.

Wide range of uses, from sophisticated cheese plates to sandwiches.


Authentically sharp


This aromatic creation is a Swiss semi-hard cheese, full fat.

Perfect for breakfast, for cheese plates and for adding a touch of sophistication to fondue. 



Creamy, melting temptation


The mild, delicate raclette cheese with the perfect melting point.

Swiss semi-hard cheese, full fat.

For grating, baking in slices, or as a traditional raclette cheese.


Premium hard cheese for export markets


Mild holey cheese made from top-quality pasteurized Swiss milk. The classic with the nutty, mild, slightly sweet taste.
Key characteristic: very low salt content – approx. 0.5 g salt per 100g.

Swiss hard cheese, full fat, made with pasteurized milk.

Ideal for sandwiches and convenience products.



We are very happy about the great interest in our company. The numerous spontaneous applications are taken as a strong compliment for our forward-looking dairy project. We were already able to fill most of the open positions a a very early stage. Currently there remain a few positions in marketing, production and operations. 

Are you also interested to join our Young and dynamic Team, then please do not hesitate to send your open application (pdf) via E-Mail.

Ernst Arn

Ernst Arn

is the CEO of Simmental Switzerland AG since August 1, 2017.
He is in charge for developing future markets and for the overall coordination of the Nature Park Dairy project.

Simmental Switzerland AG | Ansmatte 34| 3753 Oey | Switzerland
T +41 33 681 10 00 | M +41 79 643 59 99

Ernst Arn

Armin Wasserfallen

is working for us since 1.10.2018 as Head of Operations. As a trained dairy master, Armin Wasserfallen is responsible for the procurement and assembly of the production facilities as well as the technical building equipment. The recruitment and training of our future staff will also be part of his field of activity.

Simmental Switzerland AG | Ansmatte 34| 3753 Oey | Switzerland
M +41 79 792 51 74

Ernst Arn

Daniel Wochner

is working for us since 1.5.2018 in a part-time job. As an experienced master cheese maker and future head of the cheese department, Daniel Wochner is primarily concerned with questions relating to cheese-making equipment, plant procurement and technical equipment.

Simmental Switzerland AG | Ansmatte 34| 3753 Oey | Switzerland
M +41 79 241 98 00



Foto Bauplatz

New construction

We are currently in an intensive planning phase for our new cheesemaking facility. Production at the Burgholz site is expected to begin in fall 2019.


State-of-the-art and sustainable

The Diemtigtal nature park dairy will be a modern, high-performance cheesemaking facility with an integrated milk processing plant. The Burgholz Heating Network will provide the necessary heat energy. The majority of our energy needs are served by wood from the local region, which allows us to make a significant contribution to the sustainable utilization of the surrounding mountain forests.




Construction publication in the Jungfrau Zeitung


News & press


Everything you need to know

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The installations progress acording plan!

We are pleased to announce that our project is developing according to plan. The work on the building is well advanced. The assembly of the cheese-making technology, the coating work, as well as the entire technical installations run at full speed. An exciting and challenging time awaits our motivated team!

Bauarbeiten Naturparkkäserei


Creating added value for our dairy farmers

The aim of the new cheese dairy in Simmental is to create added value for our farmers. We will reach our ambitious goals due to our strong new brand Simmental Switzerland®, and our the Dutch cheese marketing specialist Royal A-ware.

Bauarbeiten Naturparkkäserei


Nature park dairy: construction to start in March

Diemtigtal. No objection to the planning application: the construction of the nature park dairy is projected to start in March. The new Ansmatte railway crossing should be completed as early as October.

Bauarbeiten Naturparkkäserei


Planning application published

The nature park dairy has taken the next step towards realization: the plans for the dairy itself, along with those for the external heating center and accompanying buildings, are now on display in the municipality of Diemtigen.




How to get in touch with us

Simmental Switzerland AG | Ansmatte 34| 3753 Oey | Switzerland
T +41 33 681 10 00 | M +41 79 643 59 99


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